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CBSE Affiliation Grant Celebration

Celebration of the occasion of CBSE Affiliation Grant at Millennium Public School, Hazaribag, Jharkhand. Dr. A.A Faruqueee (President MPS), Matin Anjum (Sec. MPS), Prof. Rizwan Ahmad (HOD, Eng. Dept. Vinoba BHave University, Hazaribag), Shahnawaz Hussain (Rtd. Labour Comissioner, Hazaribag), Shahid Hamal (Principal Jharkhand Public School), Md. Aslam (President Al Huda Public School, Banha), Naiyar Rahman (SMC Member MPS) Dr. Syed Ahmad Abdul Bari (SMC Member MPS), Saniyya C (Principal MPS), Dr. Naznin Mobin (Director MPS), Narayan Jee (Vice Principal MPS), Sheikh Moinuddin (Administrator MPS) were present.

About Millennium Public School


Education is our basic need. Right to education is our constitutional right. We live in an age of knowledge explosion. We have reached this pinnacle as a result of and deliberated process. The immediate question that props up is about the aim of education. Opinions vary. But what Dr. zakir hussain, our third president and a great educationist told is very apt- “Education is helping the mind of the educand to realize the absolute moral and intellectual values. “ This can be further supported by what great philosopher Lock said : “Education should be practical, purposive, meaningful and enjoyable.”

The first school for a child is the home: the second is the society and the third is the educational Centre where his inborn potentialities are nurtured. This is ‘School’ here we send our children. School has a wider role not only in developing and shaping a child but in socializing and fostering a senses of obligation to the community. We are at the threshold of a new heights in technological advancements. But our real survival hinges on the thinking and upbringing of children, more than ever before. The type of education determines the type of culture and character of our children in future.